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Chamomile Flowers were used thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt, where it was honored for its great curative properties. It was first used in Europe about 1600, to help with insomnia, back pain, rheumatism, neuralgia and nervousness. 


Used as a tea, chamomile is known to relax smooth muscle tissue. In this way, it is useful in such things as calming a nervous stomach and relieving menstrual cramps. The tea is often used to promote relaxation and alleviate stress.

English Breakfast is a blend of Assam teas. A strong tea, it's a good way to start the day. It has a full malty flavour, and is a rich dark colour.


This tea should be served hot with milk and a little sugar, but it is also delicious served with lemon or it can be used to make iced tea. It has a fine leaf size for a faster brew time and better infusion.

Earl Grey tea was named after Charles Grey, the second earl in his line. He was Prime Minister to King William IV in the early 19th century. The legend is that the Earl was given the recipe by a Chinese mandarin with whom he was friends, and whose life he had saved.


Our Earl Grey is based on China Black Tea. The tea gets its unusual flavor from oil of Bergamot, a small acidic orange. The latest research indicates that the Bergamot orange is a cross between the sweet or pear lemon (Citrus Limetta) and the Seville or sour orange (Citrus Aurantium). The sour orange is native to southern Vietnam, hence the Chinese connection.


This tea has a light refreshing taste, and can be served hot with or without milk or sugar or with lemon. It can be used to make iced tea.


Darjeeling TGBOP Using the Orange Pekoe grading system, this tea has the grade TGBOP. This stands for Tippy Golden Broken Orange Pekoe . This is good grade of broken leaf tea and it is from the first flush or harvest of teas of the Margarets Hope Estate.

Margarets Hope tea garden was founded in 1859 and renamed in the 1920s after the owners daughter Margaret.

There are four harvests a year in India: First, Second, Monsoon and Autumn each producing different tasting teas. It is a common misconception that the flush and the Orange Pekoe grading system are linked hand in hand. This is not the case and it is possible to have an FTGFOP tea from the second flush as well as a BOP from the first flush.

First flush teas are highly sought after because they contain the new bud that have grown at the start of the year thus making the tea very fresh.


Rooibos is grown exclusively in the Cedarburg region of South Africa, where it has been growing wild for centuries. Also known as Red Tea, rooibos tea gained popularity during WWII when tea supplies from Asia forced drinkers to find an alternative. It is high in vitamins and minerals and is naturally caffeine free.


Jasmine Dragon Pearl is a premium grade fragrant jasmine green tea. this hand rolled tea has undergone the traditional jasmine scenting process involving layering jasmine blossoms and tea using gauze. The jasmine blossoms open up at dusk and transfer their scent to the tea. This happens several times. High quality jasmine teas have almost no trace of jasmine blossoms mixed with them. 


Jasmine Dragon Pearl consists of two leaves and a bud and when brewed the leaves unfurl and look like Chinese dragons.

A very delicate flavour of mild green tea and sweet jasmine.


Yunnan Green Tea is produced in Yunnan province in South West China. The leaves are hand rolled and contain many white tips.

Tasting Notes: Slightly smoky with sweet fruit and a slight astringency.  This tea has a long pleasant aftertaste.



Blue Lady is a black tea blended with petals of Mallow and Marigold flowers and flavoured with Grapefruit.






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