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McRobb's install our signs, amidst heavy snow in Edinburgh.

A family business, we're almost completely homemade. That's not just the food on your plate, but also the architectural and interior design, joinery and identity.


We've been open since January 10th 2011.  But the story began at least a year earlier: Edinburgh has long been a city of coffee houses and Chris Loudon had an ambition to run his own.  This was swiftly followed by our realisation, as a family, that we'd like to do this together!  We'll see whether or not Chris regrets this.


In addition to members of the family Loudons has a brilliant team of staff and helpers who make work a pleasure, and without whom we would not be open.


In the cafe

Chris Loudon is at the helm, and it's his name on the window.  Chris is serious about coffee and efficiency, preferably combined.  Under Chris' guidance all our staff are trained to take pride in serving our customers, recognise the importance of individual tastes and requirements, and deliver friendly personal service.


Before getting his teeth into Loudons Chris worked for the Spirit Group, moving on to the position of cafe manager under Peter Ljunquist at Peter's Yard - Edinburgh's celebrated Swedish cafe.


Chris is also very interested in gadgets, and it is important to him that you can use yours in Loudons!  So you have him to thank for our in-cafe wi-fi.  Our customers seem to agree that Chris has created atmosphere conducive to work or informal business meetings.

Our baristas have all been put through their paces by Artisan Roast, our coffee suppliers: a very thorough training!


Behind the scenes

Peter Humphrey is the 'space man':  he has designed and managed the project from its inception.


When you order a coffee take a look at the beautiful solid oak counters and cabinets, all designed and built by Peter in his East Lothian workshop.  Peter's work includes all furniture and fittings in the cafe, with the exception of our bent-ply dining chairs, which came from Tangram. Also take the chance to peek through the window downstairs and see the enormous baking table that Peter designed and built for the bakers.


Peter is a director in a property development company and joinery manufacturing business.


Paulene Humphrey brings her interior design expertise to Loudons, and is responsible for the 'look' of Loudons.  Many things have been custom-made, to her exacting standards.  This includes our website and the coordination of our social media.


Paulene is also passionate about food and has been instrumental in planning the menus.  We do have a fabulous selection of cakes but Paulene likes to make sure that much of our menu is healthy, and doesn't leave out those with special dietary requirements: "I would love to think that whatever diet you were observing or food intolerence you have you will find something to suit at Loudons." 


Nick Loudon was a risk analyst with Moody's in New York and contributes his financial expertise to the company.  Deeply important!


The Much Valued 'Backing Singers'

A long-standing friend David Faithfull was given the task of translating our ideas to produce the Loudons identity. Sharing our quirky sense of humour and injecting his own special stamp David has given us exactly the image we want to project.


Having seen David's website It was no surprise that he should introduce us to Ast & Red to design and develop our site. Astrid and Jai are patience personified making our technical world as simple as possible.


Appreciation is the name of our game and we are grateful to the following people and organisations who have helped us achieve our goal:


McRobb & Cca-Signs for supplying all our vinyl graphics and signage


Tangram  for supply of chairs that are classy and comfortable.


Valtti who, in our opinion, have the best paint in the Industry.


Vegware for supplying us with our Eco Friendly Packaging.


Elevate and Edinburgh Copyshop, our Printers.


Scotshirts who supply us with our t-shirts.





0131 228 9774



94b Fountainbridge

Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri 7:30am-5pm
Weekends 8am-5pm

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