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We have a passion for good quality, (mostly) healthy and interesting food, the kind of food that we like to eat at home.  We have been inspired by cafes, restaurants and great home cooks visited at home and abroad, that take pride in delicious homemade food.  The bakery is a big part of this and it is so important to Loudons that we know where all our bread and cakes are from.


our food is simple and healthy, but full of flavour.  We're always experimenting and adding new items, and particularly enjoy elevating the humble sandwich to a lunch fit for the most discerning of diners.  Of course it does help to have our bakery downstairs, producing a variety of fresh bread every day.


Everyone needs a treat now and then, so there's also space for some classics on the cake and brunch menus...everything in moderation!


Most items on the menu are made on-site by hand using fresh, high quality ingredients and organic produce where possible.   We try very hard to make sure that any produce we use has been ethically sourced.  See below for some of our suppliers.


We aim to give a better choice especially where certain food intolerences or allergies are an issue.  Gluten free bread and cakes are  a speciality, we always have a gluten free soup option too - so if you are coeliac you should find something to suit.


GREAT LOCAL SUPPLIERS are aplenty in Edinburgh and the Lothians.   We're lucky to have great merchants for tea, coffee, and fresh produce. 



0131 228 9774



94b Fountainbridge

Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri 7:30am-5pm
Weekends 8am-5pm

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