Loudons Cafe - Eating In

Lunch is served from 12 to 3pm


Mixed Olives 3.95
Marinated black and green olives served warm  
Loudons super snack 3.95
Gluten free potato slice fillet with linseed, mixed olives, oregano and thyme bound with garlic oil. Oven baked and served with vegan lemon mayo  
haggis bon bons 4.25
Haggis Bon Bons rolled in bread crumbs, oven baked and served with wholegrain mustard mayonnaise sitting on a rocket nest  
garlic mozzarella bread 3.25
Our own bread topped with garlic oil and mozzarella then oven baked  
Eggs benedict  
All our Bennys are also available for lunch  
butterfly chicken 13.95
Oven roasted butterfly chicken breast topped with chorizo and mozzarella served with roasted red peppers, chickpeas, garlic rosemary mayo and herb salad  
Burgers & buns  
Served with wedges, dipping sauce and sesame coleslaw  
Loudons Burger 11.95
Scotch beef burger blended with streaky bacon in our sesame bun with bacon, cheese, gherkins, caramelised onions and herb salad  
Loudons veggie Burger 9.95
Cajun spiced sweet potato and bean burger served in our sesame bun with mashed avocado, caremelised onion, vegan lemon mayo, and herb salad  
ramen noodle burger 11.95
Scotch beef burger blended with streaky bacon in our ramen noodle bun with a fried egg, caramelised onions, beef tomato, cheddar cheese and herb salad  
hoi sin Pulled pork bun 10.95
Slow roast pulled pork with hoi sin cucumber and spring onion sauce in our sesame bun with herb salad  
garlic lamb burger 11.95
Scottish minced lamb burger bound with garlic, cumin and mint in our sesame bun with beef tomato, caramelised onions, garlic mint mayo and herb salad  
beef & haggis burger 11.95
Scotch beef burger blended with streaky bacon in our sesame bun with caramelised onions, haggis, chilli jam and herb salad  
bacon & avocado burger 11.95
Scotch beef burger blended with streaky bacon in our sesame bun with bacon, avocado, beef tomato and herb salad  
Smoked haddock salad 12.95
A warm salad of smoked haddock, lemon puy lentils and peas topped with a poached egg, herb salad and parsley lemon dressing  
broad bean & lentil salad 8.95
Warm salad of broad beans, fennel, lemon puy lentils and new potatoes topped with herb salad, croutons and honey tumeric dressing  
mac and cheese open sandwich 8.95
Homemade bread smothered with garlic oil, topped with macaroni cheese. Oven baked, served with sesame coleslaw and rocket  
superfood pancakes 9.95
Homemade gluten free pancake stack made with garlic, ginger and chilli layered with creamed corn houmous topped with sour cream, mixed herbs and herb oil  
lunch power bowl 9.95
Warm black beans, red peppers, tomatoes, sweetcorn and coriander Mexican rice with chorizo and avocado topped with poached eggs, herb salad and garlic oil  
vegan quesadilla 9.95
Our homemade tortilla filled with Mexican rice, avocado and red pepper salsa topped with vegan lemon mayo served with herb salad  
Soup of the day 4.95
Freshly made every day with a choice of house bread  
loudons frittata 7.95
Our Frittata filled with carrot, cauliflower, red onion and red pepper served warm with homemade ketchup chutney, herb salad and herb oil  
Side dishes 3.95
Cabbage & Sesame Coleslaw  
Potato Wedges with our special dipping sauce  
Mexican Rice  
Mixed Green Salad & Herb Oil  
Garlic & Herb New Potatoes  
Something sweet  
white chocolate cheesecake 4.95
Our white chocolate cheesecake with chunky strawberry sauce dusted ith icing sugar  
grahams farm dairy ice cream 1,2 or 3 Scoops 1.25/2.50/3.75  

Traditional Vanilla

Salted Caramel

Raspberry Ripple

Lemon Curd

cheese board 7.95
A selection of fine cheeses: brie, stilton and Austrian smoked cheese served with homemade oatcakes and chilli jam  




0131 228 9774



94b Fountainbridge

Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri 7:30am-5pm
Weekends 8am-5pm

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