Loudons Cafe - Coffee

Coffee is very important to us at Loudons...so that is why we chose Artisan Roast to supply us with a blend of their freshly roasted beans. 


In our opinion AR coffee is the best available in Edinburgh, if not Scotland. The coffee is also sourced ethically, with a fair price given to coffee growers.  Check out Artisan Roast website to appreciate their art and dedication.


We use a Janszoon Espresso Blend for all our coffees. We use a double shot of Janszoon for all except latte macchiato, which has a single shot.  Janszoon is a blend of Brazil from Minas Gerais and Mandheling from the Lake Takengon area in Sumatra.


De-caf does not mean a compromise on flavour. We use a Swiss water decaffeinated Sumatran Mandheling.....the process is best explained here.


La Marzocco our coffee machine, handmade in Florence, thinks she is the 'Diva of Fountainbridge.  BUT we know that even with a great machine, great blend and great roast the end product lies in the hands of the barista. Training is paramount and working closely with Artisan Roast allows this on-going process.


baristas need more than skill and you will discover for yourself the attributes our resourseful crew possess. 


Interesting Note! Our coffees are served at a slightly lower temperature than what you may be used to. This is to maintain the sweet, creaminess of the milk and avoid scalding the coffee. If you'd prefer extra hot coffee...just ask!


0131 228 9774



94b Fountainbridge

Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri 7:30am-5pm
Weekends 8am-5pm

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